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Introducing our cutting-edge data backup service, where innovation meets security and reliability! At iStor, we take pride in our unmatched expertise in data backup and in-house development, setting us apart from the competition.
iStor DataVault has been developed with the help of our highly valued customers. Such evolution is priceless, and like every evolution, it took a lot of time. By choosing iStor DataVault, you not only get proven technology used by some of the most demanding companies and environments but also over 23 years of experience.

In-house development

With our in-house development, we continuously refine and enhance our software, staying one step ahead of emerging threats and industry advancements. Count on us to deliver the latest features and enhancements that will keep your data protected.

Secure independent storage

Data is stored on our own infrastructure, ensuring the safety and privacy of the backed-up data. We never use third party storage, NO Microsoft, NO Google, NO Amazon,...
All hardware is owned and administered by iStor.

Ultimate security


We employ robust encryption measures, ensuring that all your data is encrypted both during transit and while at rest. What sets us apart is that the encryption key is known only to you, the customer. This means that you have exclusive ownership and full control over your data, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind

All data is encrypted at source

There is a common misconception that encrypting data at rest alone provides sufficient protection, and some believe that data-in-motion is fully secured with technologies like SSL We want to clarify that this assumption is not accurate, and leaving data unencrypted during transmission poses significant risks to data security.

iStor DataVault protect data right from its source to its destination and back.
Every piece of data is encrypted and made anonymous right from its origin, and it only gets decrypted at your location upon your specific request.

Extensive encryption options

In an era of ever-evolving cyber threats, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data. While many services limit you to AES encryption, we empower you with a choice. You can select the encryption method that best aligns with your security strategy, compliance requirements, and peace of mind.
iStor DataVault provides not just one, but four different encryption options: AES, Serpent, TwoFish and Mars.

Secure Encryption key management system

The importance of a secure encryption key management system cannot be overstated. It's the bedrock upon which data security is built and is critical for safeguarding sensitive information in an increasingly digital world.

The encryption key is like a secret password that unlocks access to encrypted data. If these keys fall into the wrong hands, it can lead to unauthorized data access and potential data breaches. That's why it's essential to have a secure system in place to manage these keys effectively.

Integrated user management system

Separating the backup user rights system from the server rights system is a crucial part of a strong security strategy for several reasons:

Principle of Least Privilege

This principle states that a user should have the minimum levels of access necessary to perform their duties. By separating backup user rights from server rights, you can ensure that backup users can perform their tasks without having unnecessary access to server functions, reducing the potential for misuse or accidental damage.

Security Isolation

Separating these two systems creates a layer of security isolation. If an attacker compromises one system, they won't automatically have access to the other. This reduces the potential impact of a security breach.

Targeted Attacks Prevention

Backup systems are becoming a significant target for cybercriminals, particularly with the rise of ransomware attacks. If your backup user rights system is independent of your server rights system, it can add an extra layer of security, making it harder for attackers to compromise both systems simultaneously.

System Integrity

By keeping these systems separate, it ensures that any corruption, errors, or issues in one system will not directly affect the other, thus preserving the integrity of both the server and backup systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Depending on the industry and jurisdiction, there may be regulatory requirements to maintain separate access rights for different systems.
In essence, maintaining a separate backup user rights system from the server rights system is a best practice that helps enhance security, limit potential damage from breaches, and ensure smooth operations.

Multi-factor installation and access system

We understand that your data is invaluable, which is why we've fortified our software installation process with an advanced security protocol.
Our software requires not one, but four unique identifiers during the installation phase. This quadruple-check mechanism safeguards your data right from the start, ensuring only authorized installations occur.
Each piece of information works together like a high-security four-lock system, reinforcing your data's defense system. It's a fortress, built to give you a greater peace of mind and control.

Suspicious activity notification system.

We're not just safeguarding your data, we're vigilant about monitoring for any unusual activities that could pose a threat to your valuable information.
Powered by sophisticated detection algorithms, our backup system is always on high alert for signs of cyber threats such as cryptoviruses, or indicators of impending hardware failure. It's like having your own personalized security guard, vigilant around the clock, every day of the year.

Advanced management

Easy yet powerful management. With iStor DataVault, you can experience the perfect balance of simplicity and robustness.
  • Management console with extensive information for easy status overview and quick troubleshooting.

  • True central management system - you can manage all your computers from one central console.

  • Reporting with server-based email notifications.

  • Easy computer tagging for quick identification in large environments

  • Time zone management for simple central management in multi time zone environments.

  • Smart file selection and filtering system.

Performance & Cost optimization

Extensive optimization features enables faster backups and lower costs.
  • Automatic updates with zero user intervention.

  • Bandwidth management.

  • Multilevel, source-based data de-duplication system.

  • Backup appliance option.

  • Selective data retention settings.

  • Parallel data processing for fastest backup times with full utilization of modern CPUs.

  • Support for hardware implemented cryptographic instructions, AES-NI.

With iStor DataVault, we don't just offer a service, we deliver a promise - a promise of superior security, reliability, and personalized data protection. It's not just about backing up data, it's about arming you with a solution that takes your data security to the next level.
Step into the future of secure data backup with us today.
Our passion for details, our obsession with precision and our absolute focus on customer satisfaction lead us on a never-ending quest to develop better products and services.
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